Sunday, 30 March 2008

A Park To Be Proud Of?

An off-the-shelf corrugated shortbread tin, with a building society and a Starbucks coffee outlet embedded.

It could have been Middlesbrough; could have been Middlesbrough’s stewards. It could have been Leicester. It could have been...

A Subway and a Frankie & Benny’s on one side, a Kwik-Fit on the other. All encircled by identical shoebox offices with smoked-glass windows - home to endless ‘data’ companies.

Pre-match exhortations to get oneself to the megastore and pick up a dressing gown so as to receive a pair of slippers FREE!

Breezeblock ‘conveniences’ with stainless steel troughs and chipboard doors.

Every announcement delivered “in proud association with...” someone. Maybe that’s why it’s called ‘Pride Park’?

Constant surveillance.

A retail park by a dual carriageway.

Opposite a Harvester and a Travelodge.

One day, all football stadiums will be made this way.

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